Policy - Conflict of Interest

Policy and Procedure in relation to Conflict of Interest

The objective of this Conflict of Interest Policy is to ensure that actual, potential and perceived Conflicts of Interest with regard to Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc are identified and managed effectively.

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Policy - Sites for Rehabilitation / Conservation work

Reason for policy


MRRCI has limited resources for undertaking physical rivercare or conservation works in the catchment. This policy ensures that these resources are used for the benefit of MRRCI members and the improvement of the natural resources of Kentish.

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Policy - Hire of Equipment

Reason for policy

One of the benefits of membership of Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Incorporated (MRRCI) is access to equipment owned by the group.

This policy outlines the general conditions under which equipment will be made available. Specific conditions may be set for particular items of equipment.

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Policy - Maintenance of River Zone

Reason for policy

MRRCI in conjunction with landowners has previously undertaken projects within its catchment to restore and conserve the environmental values of the river zones, including weed removal, erosion control measures and re-establishment of native vegetation.

This policy is designed to ensure that the environmental values of a river zone once restored are maintained in perpetuity.

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