Catchment Plans

Minnow Catchment

Minnow Catchment Action Plan

Mt Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc has instigated the development of a catchment plan for the Minnow and its tributaries, with funding support from Kentish Council.

To view the report, click this link:

Stronach, P. (2016) Minnow Catchment Action Plan 2016.Tasmania, Australia.
Version 28/08/2016

Minnow - Weed Management

Weed Management Plan for the Minnow Catchment

A weed management plan for the Minnow River catchment has been prepared by Greg Taylor for Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc. The final version of this plan is available to download via this link:

Weed Management Plan for the Minnow Catchment,Greg Taylor, Feb 2018

Read also a cover letter regarding this:

Cover Letter - Weed Management Plan, Feb 2018

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