Implementing Minnow Action Plan

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Continuing the Implementation of the Minnow Action Plan  2019-2021 (CEP)

Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc (MRRCI) has recently completed a major project funded by the Australian Government through a Communities’ Environment Program (CEP) Grant which was received by MRRCI at the start of 2020.


Works under the program had three main focus areas.  

  • A weed control program, focusing on follow up control of known weed sites around Mount Roland, and also new works at recently identified foxglove sites around Kings Road and Gowrie Park.
  • A program to monitor the presence of feral animals in areas around and inside the Mount Roland Regional Reserve, and
  • Biodiversity surveys focusing on TasVeg Vegetation Condition Assessments around the Mount Roland area where present data was absent or incomplete.

Outcomes for each of these three main focus areas are summarized below and available to download (see links in the text).

MRRCI gratefully acknowledges the support and involvement of many stakeholders who each contributed to making the overall program a notable success. MRRCI also recognizes and gratefully acknowledges the substantial voluntary commitments made by its members, and particularly by its Committee members.

Biodiversity Surveys

The project aimed to identify species within the Minnow Catchment in North-western Tasmania. Over 35 hectares of land was surveyed across remnant natural forest, plantation verges, and riparian buffer zones. Bird, macroinvertebrate, and some fungi surveys were also undertaken. Surveys were undertaken between July 2020 and May 2021.

Read more - Biodiversity in the Minnow Catchment or download the full report Biodiversity Report by Barbara Alsop (2021) [download size 5MB]

Feral Animal Surveys

The vision of the project was to have a sustainable balance, with full community support, in the management of feral animal species, to aid in the protection of native species. The goal of the Feral Animal monitoring and control program was to map the distribution of feral animal species and to design, manage and implement a Feral Animals program within the Minnow Catchment and around the Mount Roland Regional Reserve. 

Read more - Feral Animal Surveys and Control Program or download the full report Feral Animal Project 2020-2021  [download size 2MB]

Weed Control

On ground works under the CEP grant were undertaken between 2019 and 2020. 40 Priority weed control sites were revisited, and 6 new sites were identified. All have been partially or completely controlled through work by contractors, as well as community participation at weed working bees and by property owners. Some of the main weeds being targeted were Spanish Heath, Montpelier Broom, Foxgloves and Thistles. The control of foxgloves is a huge and daunting task, requiring a coordinated cross tenure approach with the active support of many different land managers/owners.

Read more - Weed Control Mount Roland Catchment or download the full report Final Report for Weed Control Works Implemented Through the CEP project (Greg Taylor) [download size 263KB]