Dodder Rivulet Project 2015

Dodder Rivulet - Sheffield

Mt Roland Rivercare are working with property owners along the Dodder Rivulet in Sheffield to improve the eco-system and the river catchment.

The project started with a field day near Formby Street—learning about the river catchment, weeds, platypus, other aquatic species, as well as what native plants and trees would grow there.

Are you a property owner along the Dodder Rivulet or one of the creeks that join into it?

Would you help this project by planting some native species along your stretch of the river, such as Blackwood, Tea Tree, Native Olive, Banksia, Callistemon, Acacias, sedges or ground covers,...?

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Watch the video of the field day and learn about rivers and riparian rehabilitation. Video link - click here.

Presenters Anna Povey, Peter Stronach, Bill Flowers, Greg Taylor and Rivercare members talk about hydrology, erosion control, native plants, weed control, aquatic species,  etc, etc


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