Minnow Catchment Projects

Minnow Catchment Projects

In 2016 Mt Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc instigated the development of a catchment plan for the Minnow River and its tributaries, with funding support from Kentish Council. Environmental consultant Peter Stronach was commissioned with this task along with support from members of Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc.

The resulting Minnow Action Plan can be downloaded via this link:

Stronach, P. (2016) Minnow Catchment Action Plan 2016.Tasmania, Australia. Version 28/08/2016

One of the priority actions identified in the Minnow Action Plan was to survey the natural values in the catchment and to record this information in the Tasmanian online Natural Values Atlas - to further raise awareness of the wonderful biodiversity in the catchment.

Mt Roland walkers

Walkers ready to survey the walking track to the top of Mt Roland


Workshop NVA

Workshop to learn about the Natural Values Atlas


A booklet documenting the surveys undertaken by Sarah Lloyd in the Minnow River catchment is now available online and in print. Printed copies can be obtained from Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc or downloaded via the following link:

Biodiversity Surveys in the Minnow Catchment, Sarah Lloyd, 2017

Another priority action identified was for the development of weed management strategies to protect the biodiversity in the Minnow catchment and reduce the spread of invasive species.

A weed management plan for the Minnow River catchment has been prepared by Greg Taylor for Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc. This plan is available to download via this link:

A Weed Management Plan for the Minnow Catchment,Greg Taylor, Feb 2018

This project was supported by Cradle Coast NRM, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme and Kentish Council.

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