Past Projects

Dasher River Reach D11 (2012/13)

2012/13 - DASHER RIVER (REACH D11)

Following recommendations of the Mersey Rivercare Plan commissioned by MRRCI in 2000 and a further River Engineer's report in March 2011, this river reach was deemed to provide a high recovery potential as it had links to adjoining areas which had previously been rehabilitated by MRRCI.

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Willows Field Day (2009)


The aim of the field day was to raise awareness about Willows in the catchment, the problems that they can cause and what landowners can do about it.

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Weed survey of rivers (2007/2008)

OCTOBER 2007 and MARCH 2008

The project's aim was to engage landowners in the upkeep and maintenance of riparian zones on their property. In order to do this and to commence a meaningful dialogue with the landowners in the catchment, some factual and quantifiable data was needed on what maintenance tasks would be required and what resources, time and effort would be needed to continue that work in the future. By demonstrating the process with real outcomes, MRRCI hoped to enhance landowners' capacity to undertake this work.

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Green Corps Project (2008)


The Green Corps team refurbished a picnic site on the banks of the Minnow river at Paradise. Tables and gravel were donated by Forestry Tasmania, cement was donated by Cement Australia and the labour was supplied by the Green Corps team. The team cleared a short loop track from the picnic site, through the bush and across an inlet to the river, creating a footbridge to facilitate access. Also installed on the site was a hitching rail for the benefit of riders, as the site is on the route of the TasmanianTrail.

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