Dasher River Reach D11 (2012/13)

2012/13 - DASHER RIVER (REACH D11)

Following recommendations of the Mersey Rivercare Plan commissioned by MRRCI in 2000 and a further River Engineer's report in March 2011, this river reach was deemed to provide a high recovery potential as it had links to adjoining areas which had previously been rehabilitated by MRRCI.

 Some bank stabilisation work with large woody debris had already been done by the landowner as well as some repairs following the flood damage from Jan 2011.

This project built on that work by putting up fencing to exclude stock, removing a number of Weeds of National Significance (i.e. blackberry & gorse) and re-vegetating the riparian zone with natives from local provenance seed.

Funding from a Community Action Grant from the Australian Government Caring For Our Country program has enabled this project which will provide habitat for threatened/vulnerable species, such as Giant Freshwater Lobster which are known to exist in the area.

The riparian zone before work started.

Putting in fence posts.

After re-vegetation planting.


Mount Roland Rivercare Catchmment Inc committee member, Petra demonstrates how it should be done as well as how much fun it is!


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