Past Projects

Browns Creek Clean Up (2006)

MRRCI completed a contract with Cement Australia in December 2006 to remove a series of blockages from Brown's Creek, at Railton.

Read more: Browns Creek Clean Up (2006)

Project Launch and Morning Tea (2006)

The Senior Citizens' Hall at Sheffield was transformed on Thursday 24th August, when Mount Roland Rivercare celebrated the completion of a project designed to increase community awareness of natural resource management.

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Community Awareness Raising (2006)

This was a comprehensive community awareness project, supported with $10,370 from the Australian Government Envirofund. The aim of the project was to increase land manager and general community understanding of the techniques and benefits of natural resource management, which would eventually lead to improvements in catchment management practices for the Dasher, Don and Minnow Rivers.

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A Day In The Life of a River (2006)


The overall competition theme was "A Day In The Life Of A River". (The Dasher, the Minnow and the Upper Don are the 3 rivers in the Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment.) The entrant was encouraged to view the river from the perspective of one of its inhabitants - human, animal, plant, insect, bird, rock, tree, fungus, reptile, etc……

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