Past Projects

River Field Day (2004)


MRRCI organised this field day to demonstrate the river restoration works that had been done in the catchment and the benefits to the river eco-systems.

Read more: River Field Day (2004)

Riparian work 1999-2007

This is a summary of riparian restoration work undertaken by MRRCI over the period 1999 to 2007.

  • 28 km of willows cleared along the rivers equivalent to an area of 7 thoroughly infested hectares.
  • Over 48 kms of fencing erected. All fencing has a ten-year maintenance contract with the land manager.
  • Nearly 100 hectares along the rivers now protected.
  • More than 28 hectares re-vegetated, using over 23,000 native plants, and this work continues.

    Read more: Riparian work 1999-2007

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