Water Monitoring - Past Data

Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc has conducted some water monitoring at 4 sites in the catchment - 2 on the Dasher River and one each on the Don and the Minnow. This monitoring complemented that undertaken by North West Waterwatch as well as Kentish Council water quality monitoring for E.coli and Enterococci.

 At each site the following data was recorded:

  • Temperature (important during willow removal work to ensure that there are no adverse effects on the ecology of a river section by removal of trees shading the water)
  • Turbidity (how clear or cloudy the water is - an indication of disturbances in the river upstream, wash down as a result of earth works, soil tillage or of bank erosion)
  • Conductivity (this is a measure of the dissolved salts in the water ie salinity)
  • pH (whether the water is acid, alkaline or neutral - a number of things can affect this - low water levels, effluent or other discharges into the river)

Summary water data collected by MRRCI

Detailed water data collected by MRRCI

Water Watch Data on the Dasher, Minnow and Upper Don (1995 - 2003)

Don River Water Data E.coli and Enterococci

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