2014 National Tidy Towns

Sheffield was awarded the National Tidy Towns award by Keep Australia Beautiful in April 2014. Part of this award was due to the efforts of Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc, which was Highly Commended for "Environmental Innovation and Protection".


Read the judges report on Sheffield's submission at the Keep Australia Beautiful web site.

2013 Sustainable Communities Awards

In order to be a finalist in the 2014 National Tidy Towns awards, Sheffield had to first beat off all comers at the state level.

Again Mt Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc contributed to the submission and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Keep Australia Beautiful TAS, for Natural Environmental Conservation.

This was awarded for "enthusiastic & successful involvement in waterway projects in & around Sheffield".



2008 National Landcare Award

2008 National Landcare Award

Mount Roland Rivercare was awarded the Murray-Darling Basin Commission Rivercare Award.

About the Award :

The Murray-Darling Basin Commission Rivercare Award is made to a community organisation, person or group who have made a significant contribution to the sustainable management, conservation and/or rehabilitation of a waterway ecosystem (ie rivers, streams, creeks and wetlands). The judges considered how nominees had progressed towards the following criteria:

  1. Developed or made links to a Rivercare Plan for sustainable management and/or rehabilitation of your waterway.
  2. Integrated your plan into relevant local and regional action plans and the plan is widely supported by the community.
  3. Achieved an improvement in waterway health (eg water quality, riverine biodiversity and habitat, and riverbank stability) as a result of the project.
  4. Consulted and worked with others, including the community, government and/or business to help achieve sustainable natural resource management for your waterway.

2007 Tasmanian Landcare Award

2007 Tasmanian Landcare Awards

Mount Roland Rivercare was awarded the Murray-Darling Basin Commission Rivercare Award.











Tasmanian Awards for Environmental Excellence

In 2003 Mount Roland Rivercare was awarded the
Community Award of the Tasmanian Awards for Environmental Excellence

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