A reliable supply of clean water is the greatest challenge facing Australia, followed by the maintenance of the maximum possible numbers of different species of native flora and fauna.

Mt Roland Rivercare (MRRCI) is helping to meet these challenges by improving water quality, encouraging biodiversity and educating the community in the long-term benefits of these activities.

Mt Roland Rivercare Catchment Incorporated developed from concerns among residents of the catchment, particularly some with a long history in the area, that the quality of the rivers and riparian zones had deteriorated significantly in recent years, mainly due to farming practices that failed to protect the rivers, and to increasing levels of pollution.

The Dasher and Minnow rivers and tributaries varied in condition from unspoiled to seriously degraded, with erosion of banks and streambeds, patches of massive infestation by willows and other weeds, and misguided attempts to improve stretches of the Dasher by straightening, digging channels, or undertaking earthworks. The rivercare group's aim was to restore the rivers to a healthy state, concentrating on reducing erosion, establishing natural vegetation, fencing to prevent stock access and encouraging the return of native fauna.

A submission for Natural Heritage Trust funding was successful, providing Mt Roland Rivercare with approximately $350,000 over 2000/2003. In 2004, MRRCI acted as the sponsoring body in applying for Envirofund support for a project on the Don River.

The Mt Roland catchment is a sub-catchment of the Mersey River catchment. Over the period October 1999 to February 2000, NRM and Rivercare Plans were developed for the Mersey Catchment by consultants in consultation with the community and Government. The priorities established in the process were used as the basis for on-ground works proposed in the project and formed the basis for on-going works from 2002 onwards.

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