Policy - Maintenance of River Zone

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Reason for policy

MRRCI in conjunction with landowners has previously undertaken projects within its catchment to restore and conserve the environmental values of the river zones, including weed removal, erosion control measures and re-establishment of native vegetation.

This policy is designed to ensure that the environmental values of a river zone once restored are maintained in perpetuity.


Relationship to constitution


Policy statement

Rivercare work in the riparian zone will be undertaken by MRRCI in conjunction with the landholder, with an expectation that the landholder will subsequently manage the riparian zone in a manner that will ensure the continuance of the restored environmental values of that riparian zone.

Environmental Values

The following describe the environmental values that this policy covers.

  • Weeds - river zone to be maintained in line with the Kentish Weed Management Plan.
  • River banks - to ensure that use of the riparian zone does not adversely affect the river banks and cause un-natural bank erosion or movement.
  • Flora and Fauna - to protect and conserve native vegetation with the aim of maintaining a resilient, natural and indigenous eco-system within the riparian zone.
  • Water quality - to ensure that the quality of the water in the rivers within the catchment is not adversely affected by the outflow from properties within the catchment, including roads, drains of all kinds and general run-off from the land.