Policy - Hire of Equipment

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Reason for policy

One of the benefits of membership of Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Incorporated (MRRCI) is access to equipment owned by the group.

This policy outlines the general conditions under which equipment will be made available. Specific conditions may be set for particular items of equipment.

Relationship to constitution

Section 4 - Membership

Policy statement

Equipment owned by Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Incorporated (MRRCI) may be made available to members of the organisation, unless that equipment has been obtained for a specific purpose which makes general use impractical. Some equipment may require users to have specific licences, in which case the member's licence must be viewed by a member of the Executive before the equipment may be taken.

A fee, sufficient to cover maintenance costs, will normally be charged for the use of equipment. Such fees will be determined by the Committee, and reviewed on an annual basis.

Conditions for use of equipment

  • Equipment will be made available only to Individual, Family, Life and property-owning Organisational members of MRRCI.

  • Fees for the use of equipment must be paid in advance.

  • MRRCI takes no responsibility for injury or damage caused by the use of the equipment.

  • Members using MRRCI equipment must have (and produce on request by a member of the Executive / before taking the equipment) any necessary licences or insurance.

  • Members must provide their own fuel, chemicals or any other consumables required.

  • Members must wear and/or use appropriate safety clothing and gear while operating equipment supplied by MRRCI.