Policy - Sites for Rehabilitation / Conservation work

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Reason for policy


MRRCI has limited resources for undertaking physical rivercare or conservation works in the catchment. This policy ensures that these resources are used for the benefit of MRRCI members and the improvement of the natural resources of Kentish.

Relationship to constitution




Policy statement

Work undertaken by MRRCI in the riparian zones or the wider catchment will be selected first on the basis of overall benefit to the condition of the river(s), and natural resources in the catchment. Within that broad definition, preference, especially for work where funding submissions must be made, where assistance from outside organisations such as Work for the Dole may be sought, or where MRRCI resources will be used, preference will be given according to the following criteria:





(where 1 is low and 5 is high)

Benefit to the catchment by undertaking the work
e.g. removal of a very invasive Weed of National Significance which is growing in close proximity to a high use walking track may be rated high, whereas a contained population of less invasive species may be rated low.

1 - 5

Support of the land manager
e.g. the level of financial or in-kind support contributed to the project; and/or the establishment of a Memorandum Of Understanding for ongoing maintenance after the completion of the on-ground works

1 - 5

Likelihood of success
e.g. fencing to keep stock out from only one side of  the river when there is access from the other bank would rank low in terms of success, whereas the hand pulling of a small, isolated patch of weeds would be rated high

1 - 5