Montpelier & English Broom

Garden invaders are spreading through the bush and onto farms and roadsides.

English Broom and Montpelier Broom are two weeds that are prolific around Gowrie Park and both are increasing in numbers all over Kentish. They are both classified as Weeds of National Significance.

If you have this weed on your property, there are various ways that you can control it, including hand pulling, browsing by animals, cut and paint or herbicide sprays.

Hand pulling is often the best method for areas of native bush, as it allows the quickest recovery and re-vegetation of the area with native species from the seed bank in the soil. 

For more detailed information on this weed and how to control it, refer to the Dept. of Primary Industries, parks, Water and Environment web site here:

Mount Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc has been working with stakeholders in the Gowrie Park area to map and control this weed.

Read more about the Gowrie Park Weeds Hot Spot.

Below are photos of one of the sites which have been cleared of Broom.






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